New Year. New Goals. Hello 2017

2017 goals… where to begin. I’ve been planning on writing this blog for months now but just never got round to it- sound familiar? I have actually never written myself yearly goals but I am realizing more and more that I need to write literally everything down or it won’t happen ha!

So here I am sharing with you all some of my big goals for the year. My list may be like many others but I have truly thought hard over these and decided to really follow these through the year! But before we get started I want to share a few Christmas time sneak peeks of what my year and December looked like!! I became an Aunt again to sweet baby Max whom I met at only 6 days old! That in itself is such a gift.. to anyone out there who is an Aunt… isn’t it the best thing ever?! I think it’s just the most wonderful gift (besides being a parent) which I cannot wait for someday!! 🙂

Pete and I were able to spend Christmas together alone on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning and then drove to MD for lunch with my family and then on to NY to see Peter’s family! We were so blessed to be able to spend it with everyone! To sum up 2016 would be way too long… it’s been the most challenging year for both Peter and I for so many reasons. We’ve faced hardship emotionally like we never have. The move to NC in itself was so crazy hard but by God’s grace we have seen so much more in each other as a couple. I feel I have truly been able to love Peter as not only a husband but a real, true friend. We have been each other’s shoulders this year so much and being away from him just feels wrong. I am beyond thankful for that. God has definitely brought us closer this year and we can proudly say year two of marriage was much better than year one 😉 I have also been able to make lots of trips to visit NY family and my family in MD and seeing my relationship with my sister in law grow and my friendship with my Mum bloom has been such a joy! Family is so important. Take care of them and love them. Make sacrifices for them and support them. This has been the year I learn about sacrifice a whole lot more and I will carry that into 2017. My Mum had major hip reconstruction and tendon repair done straight after Christmas and I was able to be there 1 day after surgery and stay for a couple weeks to help her and my Dad and that has been such a wonderful gift I could give them. Boy has it been challenging though. To any of you who have watched a parent struggle physically through anything is the toughest thing. It’s been long nights, constant care and lots of tears and fears but God is faithful and God is healer! So thankful for that peace. Through all of this though I have learned a lot about sacrifice and how important and treasured it is. 🙂 Pour your life into your friends and family, make time for them, no matter!

One last thing before I finally begin my 2017 goals- Peter and I are so excited to share with you all that we will be moving to Pennsylvania August 2017 to be closer to both our families and I am hoping to go back to college with a strong interest in nursing! We are very ready for this move! 🙂

Now without further to do… here are my goals for the year:

  1. Be intentional in everything! (my friendships, friendships, marriage, words, commitments)
  2. Create quiet time with God in the word every single morning! Its simple yet life changing. I’d be lying if I said I do this everyday. Being in the word and setting aside time every day when you could easily skip it is discipling yourself and choosing God before everything, it will change your days! My relationship with God is not seasonal… it doesn’t hide and only come into play when I’m in a tough spot, no. My relationship with God is something I deliberately chose to live for! I live my life to glorify him in all I do, say, the way I dress and the places I go… it’s a lifestyle! When I face trials, my faith is strengthened! Just like a garden… pruning is never pleasant, but if that didn’t happen we’d never grow! We’d stay stuck! All this to say I notice a peace and comfort in me like no other when I choose to get up early and sit down in God’s word… just talking to God about my day, my hopes, my big dream and my fears. I realize more and more how much I need this! Make time… it won’t be easy but it’s very possible. No matter how many kids you have, no matter how crazy your work schedule is… slow down and make time, make the sacrifice! You can’t say yes to everything!
  3. Another goal of mine is for my business. If you’re a business owner, you know how intimidating moving to a new place is and with taxes and all the crazy not fun things involved with owning a business and this year was rough. The past year I was pouring money into my business, trying to build clientele . I went almost a whole year with zero business- what a test that was! It can be so easy to throw in the towel when you’re smack dab in the middle of a storm… wait it out… throw your raincoat on and grab an umbrella…just wait it out. It will pass and you will be on fire ready to passionately succeed. This goal is to pursue and persevere with my photography business in 2017, no matter the struggles.
  4. Travel, travel, travel! Well… I suppose I should say travel outside of the country more! We travel back and forth to NY and MD a lot but that doesn’t count 😉 I’m pushing myself to get to at least 3 states I’ve never been to and to visit at least 1 (possibly 2) places outside of America! I am passionate about travel and seeing new places and really want to jump into it more!
  5. Be debt free!!! This should have gone before number 4 ha ha! That’s the only way number 4 will happen. Pete and I have been fervently paying off what debt we have and are so close to officially being debt free forever! Our goal is June 1st 2017… here you have it… I am telling you all, hold us accountable 😉  but really, we’ve been following Dave Ramsey and finally able to see where money should be going and having the discipline to say no to a lot. I love how it’s helped Pete and I grow closer. I’ve seen so much maturity in both of us as far as handling our money goes. We can’t wait to be debt free and be able to save and give to others like never before! Dave always says, “If you live like no one else, you will live like no one else.” We may not be able to afford fancy cars, flights to and from places, we may not spend a ton on ourselves BUT very soon we will have so much more freedom and that’s worth it to us!
  6. Learn road maps!!!! Enough said! Its pretty sad this is on my goals
  7. Read at least 10 books (for those who know me…that’s a lot of books) ha
  8. Go back to college
  9. Prioritize date nights and time with my sweet husband more.
  10. Eat more carefully- watch what I’m putting into my body (not for weight loss! )
  11. With every negative… remember the positive!

What are some of your goals? I’d love to hear them!


Bethany Joy xo

**excited to spend another year with this guy <3

Bethany Joy

Bethany Joy

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Bethany Joy
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