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FLORIDA! You beautiful place you! The hubs and I have decided on a few ‘small’ weekend aways and mini vacations this year instead of a big expensive one. We are saving money and have been working on trying to be DEBT FREE as quickly as we can. I can’t get enough of adventure. I LOVE seeing new places and visiting family but we are all about saving money and budgeting now. One thing we are doing to cut costs is driving everywhere instead of flying. SURE it’s much easier… and quicker but we love being able to drive through new places and I love driving and by doing this we are saving a lot!!

The other weekend we got to take a little roadtrip to visit Pete’s grandparents super close to Daytona Beach. It was my first time visiting them at their beautiful home so I was super excited. It was a wonderful, jam-packed, lots of fun trip and we are thankful we did it.

The drive was long and we didn’t arrive at the grandparents house until early hours of Friday morning but it was worth it. We beat traffic and the drive was actually super chill!

Pete’s Grandma Merc is an incredbly talented artist and with my hubby being an artist too they had A LOT to talk about and that was pretty neat to watch. Her home is filled with amazing art pieces that will blow your mind!

We got to visit a cool art place called The HUB go check it out! Amazing artists. Pete got to chat with one of the artsist who works for disney and has done a ton of crazy cool things! That was a huge highlight for him, he looked at his portfolio and gave him a lot of encouragement! LOVE when creatives can do that and help others 🙂

We ate lunch at a super cute restaurant by the sea (cannot for the life of me remember the name-oops!) it was delicious and we had a great time with the grandparents!

Pete’s grandparents house is GORGEOUS and so so big! They have a beautiful pool that we got the time to relax in. The trip was so much fun and I tried to snap some pictures to show our time there. Lot’s of beach time. A lot of these were taken by my crappy little iphone, so apologies there! But hopefully this gives you an idea of what we did there 🙂 HAPPY FRIDAY!

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Bethany Joy
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