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The other weekend Pete attended hero con (he is BIG into these kinds of things) and me… well, not so much! So my brilliant idea was to get my sister who had just arrived into the country by the way to tag along with me for the weekend for sister massages and just some good, much needed girl time. Did I mention it had been over a year since I saw my only sister?! Yea- way too long.

It was a wonderful weekend of food, live music, exploring a new city and lots of laughs! Pete and Michael (brother in law) had a blast at their conference and Shannon and I had a blast just relaxing. The hotel I got for us was perfect and had a rooftop pool which was the perfect spot to be at sunset, overlooking the city! We were lucky! Here is a little summary of our trip to Charlotte.


Bethany Joy

Bethany Joy

Photographer at Bethany Joy Photography
Bethany is a North Carolina photographer specializing in weddings & portraits in Raleigh NC, Cary, Wilmington, Asheville, Apex, Chapel Hill & the greater North Hills area.
Bethany Joy
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