Congratulations Beautiful Bride

Hello there beautiful bride and congratulations on this brand new step into an adventure of a lifetime! Doesn’t it just feel like heaven being engaged? Minus all the wedding prep stress?!
I remember the night i got engaged… my heart never beat so fast (until my wedding day). It was new, exciting & scary at the same time. So many emotions, plans and changes to process!

Take a deep breath, grab a wee cuppa tea (or coffee) and relax. Just take a few moments to let it all soak in! You’re allowed, i promise! Allow yourself to take time for you. Afterall it’s a huge big deal 🙂

Weddings are the most beautiful thing and I absolutely ADORE being there to capture the entire day for you. After all look how much time and effort you put into making it the most fabulous day ever! I want to be there to capture it all. From the tiny details to those ‘forever moments’ with your parents and hubby. Nothing will quite feel like that day! And when it’s all over, what will YOU have to remember? An invitation? Some cake from the reception? How about some beautifully created memories that you will cherish forever- images and prints you can show your childrens children?

When you book me for your wedding you aren’t just getting someone who is taking pictures for you- you are gaining a friend. I LOVE getting to know my brides and grooms and really being able to build a solid friendship with them. When you book me for your wedding day you get me the entire day, none of my packages include a limited time for pictures as I am there to tell your love story through images and you can’t possibly put a time limit on that on your big day! I am there from the start of the day.

All my packages include complimentary engagement sessions (if pictures were taken already, I take you out for lunch) this is a perfect way for me to get to know you both, and for you guys to really feel comfortable with me- that is such an important part of getting your pictures taken, especially for your wedding day! I want you both to feel at ease. I make sure that I handle as much of the stress as I can on your wedding day as it’s your day to fully enjoy it without any stress!

Another tip for you gorgeous brides… make sure you love your photographer! Whether it’s me or not (everyone has a different style) if you don’t love them- dont book them. You wouldnt buy a car unless you lvoed it, or a home unless you loved it so why hire a photographer you dont love for the most important day of your life? Find a photographer who makes you feel beautiful and comfortable and preferably one that makes you laugh, it makes such a difference and you deserve to feel and look your best on your special day 🙂

So are you interested in having me photograph your special day? If so I would LOVE to chat with you and meet up for coffee!

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