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Location: Just moved to wonderful Raleigh, North Carolina but I adore travelling! My passport and I are ready and waiting!

It’s Bethany, that is me right above with my hubby who is so so amazing and the sweetest. He is my best friend and the level headed one. I am known for my crazy, spontaneous ideas and I am thankful for his support in all my passions!

He is also my second shooter for weddings 😉 I am a lucky gal.

So happy you stopped by. I LOVE making new friends and being able to capture people’s stories. I find it so fascinating how people just seem to to work together. We were created for community and I strongly believe we need each other. I hope we will be a good match! : )

Getting your picture taken should be fun and filled with uncontrollable laughter…maybe even a few tears. Not scary and certainly not boring. Those are two things I strive to avoid during sessions. I want my clients to feel comfortable.

I am originally from Northern Ireland (moved here 6 years ago) so i do talk funny sometimes 😉 met my sweet hubby the same week moving here at a christian music festival called Creation (which is amazing- go check it out!)

Whether you’re ready to book me to be YOUR photographer (which would make me so very happy) or if you’re just curious about Ireland and how I ended up here and need some company,  I’d love to hear from you.

I am primarily a natural light photographer. I believe in finding light in as much as I can. I love incorporating nature and true love into my sessions whether it’s your new baby, fiance or new hubby or wifey. I LOVE love!! Can’t get enough of it and there is nothing in life more blissful than being in love and photographing love. Let me tell YOUR story!

Top Favorite’s for Bethany:

1. Jesus

2. Peter, my husband, best friend, hero, second shooter, love of my life

3. My Dad- no matter how old I am I will always be his little girl

4. Friendships- you can never have too many friends

5. COFFEE + TEA (only british tea though)

6. Babies- there is nothing more perfect than new babies.

7. Baby Breath (the plant kind) ; ) so pretty and dainty!

8. The color grey, MINT and any turquoise color

9. Pasta + All the cheese I can get my hands on

10. Exploring new places

11. The Mountains

12. Think we might get along? I would love to show you how wonderful you truly are?! : )


xo Bethany

Tina Feinberg

My daughter is having her Bat Mitzvah October 25, 2014 in Binghamton, New York. Are you available? Please call me at (607)427-9334.
I saw you at Angelica Severance’s wedding.